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Learn and interact with stories and hardships of other's ancestors.
Advocate awareness about horrible autocracies such as the Holocaust.

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About 76 years ago, a brave 15 year old girl survived a Nazi concentration camp in Ukraine during World War II. The odds of her surviving 4 years of concentration camp and ghettos were less than one out of 7. Every day the only gift she wanted was for the horrors to stop and people around her not to die in suffering. She escaped with her mom, with help of a young boy who knew a way out through the woods. Her grandmother didn't make it, and froze to death, but the girl survived after going through sufferings for the rest of the war.

That girl is now 94-year old Tsilya Zaslavsky, is my great grandmother, and I am Aaron Golbin, a 16 year-old living in New York, now just about her age when she went through these horrors. After my great grandmother confided stories of her past with me, I feel obligated to find the lost cries of all those whose story was never told about sufferings during Holocaust and other terrible hardships throughout history. Tsilya can get a piece of mind knowing that her sufferings will not be in vein, and will serve a lesson of bravery and sobering reality for generations to come.

Our generation is preoccupied with different challenges and such stories of Holocaust seem surreal. It also seemed surreal at that time to Tsilya, and 6 millions Jews who were killed during that terrible tragedy. Often the greatest gift you can give to your elderly ancestor and yourself is to learn about their hardships when they were younger and find their lost cry through time and generations. I created LostCry.com for bringing such stories out to the open, discussing them, and making them timeless. Join me, and others, share the hardship stories of your ancestors, and give that gift to them, yourself, and the World.

Dedicated To Tsilya Zaslavsky

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Honor your ancestor by sharing their story and hardships with a global audience. Let their lost cry be found through generations.


Learn about history and events through ancestors who experienced the hardships.


Make sure that atrocities are not repeated by driving awareness of your ancestor's story and hardships.

Dedicated To Tsilya Zaslavsky

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of stories can I post?

You can post anything that is about your ancestor's story of hardship regarding an event.

Who can my story be about?

Your ancestor/s.

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Why should I bother posting a story?

Posting a story helps drive awareness and honor your ancestor.

Do I have to use my ancestor's real name?

Please use real information. That includes your ancestor's name. We don't ask you for information about yourself except the relationship to your ancestor.

Can I post a story if my ancestor passed away?

Yes. You can post your ancestor's story if their alive or have passed away.

How can I contribute to a story?

You can post comments or use reactions under a story. Reactions are helpful for expressing your feelings towards a story or comment.

Can I contact other LostCry users?

Sure. We have a fully functional messaging system where you can message other users. Just remember no spam, harassment, intimidation and other guidelines.

Who created LostCry and Why?

Aaron Golbin, 14 year old youth entreprenuer featured on Inc.com, founded LostCry.com on October 9, 2017. He wants to enable people to post their ancestor's stories and hardships. Aaron's great grandmother, Tsilya Zaslavsky, is a Holocaust surivior with a very unique story. Aaron dedicated LostCry.coom to Tsilya Zaslavsky.

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What's the minimum age requirement to participate in LostCry.com?

As per our terms of service, you should be atleast 13 years old. If you would like to participate and under 13, please work with your parent or guardian to have them sign up instead.