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Awesomenovel 圣骑士的传说 - Chapter 1489 - From today onwards, I will study hard well-to-do vase suggest-p

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Chapter 1489 - From today onwards, I will study hard fang jazzy
The puppet maiden stated, “Stop chatting. Just stretch out your finger and employ it.”
“…” Music Shuhang.
Who possessed made his brothers get rid of awareness? Why performed he show up in that strange bistro? What actually transpired during the diner?
Within their perception, once the needle with the anesthesia handgun was about hitting Music Shuhang, it out of the blue flew apart.
(The coordinates that individuals have confirms that she’s indeed below.)
[I stumbled upon her. Using the X-ray function, I have learned that she’s camouflaging within the money subscribe. Hold out, this posture…]
Piece of music ‘At a Loss’ Shuhang.
From currently onwards, I am going to study tricky!
He patted his subordinate’s experience vigorously. “Wake up, get out of bed. What went down?”
For that reason, if someone was without any purpose of recognizing additional bash for a disciple, removing one other party’s stories, despite it being rather crude and straightforward, was the ideal way to manage them.
A form-hearted bystander stated, “Don’t be concerned, we’ve already referred to as an ambulance, and the ambulance will come rapidly.”
Piece of music ‘At a Loss’ Shuhang.
He possessed no learning products.
(Lock onto her placement, hold noiseless, and do not notify her.]
“What took place? Why am I so fl.u.s.tered?” He hurriedly went to his subordinates.
Melody Shuhang reported, “So that’s the way it is. I always idea there had been some unspoken regulations worldwide of farming. So much like on the films, when they’re observed by standard folks, they have to find a way to erase another party’s recollections.”
Piece of music Shuhang brought up his fretting hand slightly and caught the anesthesia firearm needle in reference to his two palms.
The ability to remember-getting rid of procedure would become more helpful the less equipped other bash was.
He had no discovering components.
[Focus, hook her in existence, never destroy her. She provides a priceless experimental system.)
“Eh? Who am I? In which am I? What went down?” The burly mankind scratched his top of your head by using a dazed expression.
The puppet maiden reported, “Stop communicating. Just stretch out your finger and employ it.”
The burly person followed his brothers to the medical facility whilst pondering ways to address that odd ‘treasure’.
The moment Tune Shuhang decided which he needed to locate time to learn some little procedures, he considered an issue.
The virtuous lamia shown up, flicked her slender hand, and sent the needle on the anesthesia rifle traveling out.
From currently onwards, I am going to research hard!
The dazzling lighting of virtue was such as a smaller sunshine.
The frequency of those looks was far less than the noise occurrence that ordinary individuals could discover.
Another two that they obtained were actually the (Divine Master’s Techniques—Lightning Section) and also the (Detailed Description On How To Put Together An Illusion Development). It turned out Older Turtle who had s.n.a.t.c.hed them from Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant before handing them onto Tune Shuhang
As soon as the burly man washed his eyeballs, his experience grew to be puzzled.
Searchlights on Health: Light on Dark Corners
Who obtained built his brothers lose consciousness? Why did he can be found in that weird diner? What went down within the restaurant?
When he is in thought… he suddenly rememb
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